Are you here 

to save me?

Or are you 

just passing through?


I’m all alone. 

It’s very dark,

and I’m scared.


Will you sit

right next to 

me? I can’t 

move cause of 

these rusty chains.


I won’t make 

you stay with

me. Please stay.


Please don’t leave,

its rather cold,

these chains are 

tight on me.


Will you please 

help me break

free? Please, stay...?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We all go through struggles and in need of a friend. Remember that when someone you know is going through a rough time. They’ll be there for you when it’s your turn.

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"rusty chains"

This person has been there a while. Friends help, that's the definition of friends, I think. I really like this lyric. - slc



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Thank you! 


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Inspirational Write Seems :D

Sootyash gave you the ultimate compliment: you inspired her to answer your write - Stella