Temporily Caged

Trapped in here, your chains are
Wrapped around me, and I can't even
Breathe, you're choking me, you think that I'm
Weak because I won't say the words out loud. I know you'd
Hate me if I told The Truth to you, but now I'm not
Afraid because I'm stepping out, I'm gonna
Escape the looks: Hate, Pain, even Trust. I know you
Love me in your own way, but it's not
Enough to make me stay this way, because it's
Rough when all I am is nothing but a
Lie. I can't keep being fake, I'm nothing but a hypocrite and I'd rather
Die than spend my life in a cage.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So this is the first poem that I've ever made public in any way, so yeah, I have no fingernails left, which is probably a tiny bit melodramatic (and disgusting) but whatever.

This poem is about being trapped inside of an image that other people have made for you (in my case, parents) and well as much as I loathe the idea of becoming one of those people that are constantly asking people to comment on their stuff I really would appreciate feedback.

Oh yeah and my punctuation and sentence structure is horrendous but I really couldn't care less. Ciao

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