Alone desolate in the corner of the room

A child weeps, a child screams

A lonely soul with no place to go

A death-ridden child with no dreams

Too many days we see this pain

Too many fears too little hope

Totally forgotten, no love at all

Parents more worried about their dope

I seen a baby with dirt on her face

A bottle of something tight in hand

A big brother clothes all torn

Digging around in a trash can

Where did the love go?

Where did it go wrong?

Why is there so many?

Why is hatred so strong?

I take for granted everything in my life

I just don’t realize I have it made

I think life it tough

I’m sitting in the shade

I have a house, food in my belly

A mother who loves me

A brother so close

All the pain in the world I do not see

I vow on this day and the rest of my life

To try to remember those in pain

Those lost babies, screaming for help

Shivering coldly in the pouring down rain

Lord, please help them

Carry them through

Show them the love

Show them what’s true

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