Hey hatred, we don't like you,
You spoil our lives, and enjoy it too.

You are not welcome, to our hearts and brains,
Because when u stay, you make them drain.

You make us burn, from within,
And enjoy the ashes, that remain.

You hate love, and love to do so,
We don't like you, as you make love go.

You come uninvited, and stay for long,
And make us weak, when we want to be strong.

Don't ever come, as you are mean,
You affect us most, when we are teen.

So leave us alone, as you never care,
And go to hell, as you belong there.

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    This poem has such a good



This poem has such a good message, why waste time on hatred? You are quite right in what you write in your poem, enjoyed the read and rhyming.