Me Too


   Today I wore a turtleneck

   to cover up the marks he left.

   When he wrapped his hands around my neck,

   and forced me into- 

   Today I woke up feeling small,

   overwhelmed by the guilt of it all.

   Regretting that short black dress,

   Ashamed of the alcohol.

   And so I shrink behind the wandering eyes

   of all of the men on the streets.

   Of the comments that they shout at me,

   That make my knees weak,

   and leave me feeling cheap.

   My hands won't stop shaking,

   and my body won't stop shaking.

   And no matter how long I stand in the shower

   I cannot rinse away 

   the memory of what he did to me,

   or the bruises that he left on my body.

   I feel dirty.

   No matter how hard

   or how long

   I scrub.


   And I am not okay.

   Because the marks he left

   will go away

   But the scars in my heart

   Will always stay.

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saiom's picture

a powerful poem    thank you

a powerful poem    thank you