I Don't Remember



       I don't remember when stolen glances turned into secretive smiles, 
         when exuberant laughs changed to shameless dancing,
           or when endless nights whispering turned into early morning kisses.

       I do however remember how you came to love; the way I laughed at nothing,
         and how effortlessly green my eyes looked when I wasn't wearing any makeup,
           and that little freckle that's half on the left side of my bottom lip. 

       I couldn't feel myself falling in love,
         I just remember waking up one day and thinking
           this is it, this is what i've been waiting for.
       So please excuse me if i'm a little confused, wondering when
         the way I laughed, how I looked without makeup on,
           the freckle on the left side of my bottom lip, stopped being enough for you. 

       I don't remember when you fell out of love with me,
         when such a pure feeling began to cause me so much agony,
           when the one who made me feel the most alive changed his mind. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There's a very thin line between love and lust. 

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Although this poem describes

Although this poem describes an emotionally difficult situation, it's structural beauty is impressive apart from the emotional content.  Especially subtle---I had to do a double-take to figure it out---is the shift, in the last stanza, from 2nd person address (in the first line) to the third person address (in the third line) to indicate the distancing between the two people who were once, but are no longer, a couple.  This is a brillinatly strategic deployment of pronouns and, while appearing both subtle and casual, carries a huge load of emotional meaning.  Bravo!


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Once More

to start over - well told tale - enjoyed this one ~allets~