Evil within

It came inside

So silent and stealthy

Not caring if I was Sick

Or totally healthy


It hid inside

Unnoticed and unseen

As if it were a ghost

Malevolent and mean


Waiting to attack

And wreak havoc in me

Destroying my body’s defenses

Without remorse or pity


It spread like the plague

Infecting all in its path

Spreading its sickness

In the wake of its wrath


My body is now ill

But I'll not find a cure

From this blackness within

It’s a losing battle for sure


I don’t understand

Guess I’ll never know the answer

Why so many of us need to be cursed 

By this evil called CANCER.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Jeff, you were a brave warrior, a great father and a wonderful friend.

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Very sincere and beautifully written, it is certainly an evil within


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F#@k Cancer!

Recently we have lost a few friends to this... Some it hit fast and took them others are still fighting. We do have a few friends who were able to beat it. There are natural remedies that are proving to be healing. It is our hope that more and more people who suffer will find the healing that works. 



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