Boney girl.

Eating disorders

Boney girl wants to be something.

So much bigger than she is

So she tugs and pinches her skin

wants to be skinny

not satisfied with too thin.

On a Sunday afternoon

Locked away in her bedroom

Flicking through the magazines

At rich and perfect bulimic queens

She pledges to take control of her life

To wear her pain on the outside.

She says it’s a liberating kind of spite

Cause I do this for myself

Not for john or tom or mike.

So you can keep your curves

And I’ll keep getting thinner

You can keep your greed

She who resists is the real winner

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lyrycsyntyme's picture

This is really good and right about now a really key topic in this country(and world, at least the first world), sadly amongst quite a few.

Stacey Mathers's picture

That's a controversial poem, and even though I'll never understand eating disorders you did a real good job writing about it.. I'm still sort of blown away about just how honest you got.. but it was really good.