anorexia is no joke

it's hardly a struggle but it still reoccurs

in the back of my mind it's always there

floating around in the midst of my thoughts

and whenever I look at myself

in the full-length mirror it pops up

"You're fat," "You're ugly," "No one could ever love you."

though the scale points to 105 pounds

the mirror portrays 200

insecure and unhealthily modest

I slowly become

I complain of my weight and all my friends laugh

and crack jokes at my bony body

but the reality is there, and they don’t understand

the toll it has on my life

they don't realize the problem that’s deeper

than the surface of my sarcasm

"You don't know what fat is," they scoff

but its engraved in my brain, into my eyes

I can't detect the truth from the lies

no one will listen to me

no one takes me seriously

but the pain is real

and it won't go away

just like the thoughts and just like the fear

day after day, year after year

the scale continues to drop

but the deception of the mirrors increase

and I can't escape

there is no escape

who will help me before I wither away?

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fighter4life's picture

This is an excellent poem, you are right it is no joke but many people don't understand that so they make jokes and don't understand how much harder it makes the struggle. This poem is very well written and maybe it will help people understand anorexia better.

Lydia Nightshade's picture

Simple but powerful and truthful. Delivers a a sincere message. Wonderful work.