Angel, take me to God

seagulls flocking and the time ticking away

on the rock the wind across my body sway

jewels of light bounce off the water

into my eyes which make it harder

to see the rigid rocks the ocean smacks

I listen closely to the voices that call

averting my sight to the angelic clouds above

which enrapture me to the very core

I try to reach but my muscles are sore

a mermaid-shaped figure arose from the haze

I jumped to my feet as though in a daze

the ocean cracked its whip once more

and tidal waves that cover the shore

wetted the plateau that I stood upon

thrusting my ankle over the edge

flipping my body over the ledge

cracking my skull on the point

sending excruciating agony throughout my joints

I watch the cove below swallow my body

the mermaid-angel lifts me up

beaming a smile that soothes my pain

glowing in magnificent beauty

she takes away my breath

and rinses the memory of my death

the angel floats higher with me in her arms

taking me further away from Earth's harm

on my arrival a crowd of angels applaud

they all try to touch me as they bring me to God.

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honey811's picture

Your poems are very well written also. I want to thank u for your comments on my poetry. I can also see the spirit is working through you and I hope that you continue to let spirit be with you. God bless you on your journey always. Love to talk with you we have alot in common.