I murdered God

I murdered God today

the massacre took place within

bitterness clogs my arteries and veins

blood clots threaten my spiritual mortality

life for me does not flow as softly

and gently as it once did

my only refuge and fortress...

demolished by the fires of my pride

joy and despair fight to the death

but alas joy is crippled beneath the deception

which lingers mercilessly between every pulse

my honor

under siege

oh how the righteous have fallen

how miserable the failures...

dare I return to my King?

only to report

battle after battle

I have lost?

merely a jester in the heavenly court

I coward as though I don't belong

but to my dismay

to my delight

Christ pursues my enemy

Arise, my King! Fight for me!

and He takes back His rightful throne...

oh how the triumph of grace

tremble hell's darkest of evils...

I murdered God

and He redeemed me

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justme4him's picture

it's beautiful, so true, so sad, I often still do murder him, and he redeems me again, praised be him merciful name.
Sabina with love in Christ.

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Thank you. I love this poem. You should check out my other site, Iamender1 @ xanga.com