Satan's Lies

Did he tell you, you were stupid?

Did he tell you, you were worthless?

Did he say, "nobody loves you...

they'd be better off without you"?

Did he say, there's no hope

you might as well do it.

End your misery and do the world a favor.

Did he forget to tell you

that eternity awaits you?

That the emptiness you feel inside,

would only escalate?

That the pain would last forever?

Did he forget to inform you,

that suicide doesn't solve your problems,

it only makes them permanent?

You see, that emptiness you feel,

that sorrow that neverends,

is a result that you are separated from God

And unless you're born again,

when you die, you go to hell,

which is complete and total,

eternal separation from God.

Did he forget to mention that?

God has a plan for you

God desires to heal your pain,

fill your heart with joy

and bless you with and abundant life,

eternal life.

So did Satan tell you

that God could never accept you?

That you're outside His reach,

that you've messed up too many times

done too many wrong things?

Satan is a liar

and has been one since the beginning.

Don't fall into his trap;

turn to Jesus and you'll be free

God's Truth will set you free

Don't believe me?


Ignore those lies.

I have been there, I know.

God's light removed the darkness from my life.

His love rescued me

He restored my soul,

gave me a future and hope,

a reason to live.

Now He wants to do the same for you.

Abandon all that you think you know

about God

and cry out to Him

Rebuke Satan's lies

and turn to the One who has

His eyes fixed on you,

whose waiting with care to lead you

to where you belong,

with Jesus.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

stop listening to satan's lies. you are worth something - no -everything to God.

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justme4him's picture

wow Naomi you are such a brilliant mesanger of God on this earth. God put these lines under your pen to tell me that i have not reason to fret,
yes, i had believed satan's lies even in the position of a christian, and i am sorry and even though mentally i know God's in control, emmotionally i still doubt and wonder how will i get out of the poool of muddy worries of mine.
i know i am worth everything to God, but how can i make Him worth everything to me,
how can i get to realize that all i need is God and how can i make Him slmile seeing me trustin in Him.
thank you again
you are a great servant of God
livingly sabina