Come out of this depression

Once upon a time ago

your eyes were filled with a joyful glow

you saw your God at the end of this treacherous road

His light gave you life and kept you from sin's erode

but now you weep

for the promises you couldn't keep

and the Light slowly dims

as you sink deeper in your sins

come out, come out of this depression

take hold of the leaking aggression

that penetrates

the hate you feel

without Truth, what is real?

come out, come out of them

be seperate from the ones who make you grim

the isolation you fear

is drawing near

but though the loneliness stabs your breastbone

you will never be alone

your God will set you free from this regression

so come out, come out of this depression.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem refers to me ... struggling with condemnation

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deethepoet's picture

Hey good poem here bravo! I can relate, and I love when I read poems or listen to music and I can relate. It's what gets me through some hard times. Music and poems has really helped me. Anyways talk to ya later!! Check my site out if ya like!!