Jesus is with you

It was raining when

I found you on the curb

You were lonely and crying

And broken into

I reached for your hand

But you flinched away

You were scared to death

But didn’t want to stay

Trembling and confused

You stood to your feet

Barefooted you stumbled

Back onto the street

Jesus lifted you up

You had shame in your eyes

When you're with Jesus

You don't need a disguise

Jesus is with you

Do not run with fright

He'll carry you to Heaven

And all through the night

Jesus is with you

He loves you so much

You can do anything

With his gentle touch

Jesus is with you

Do not be afraid…

He will guide you to safety

Just for you, his life he laid

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wi_grrl's picture

This is a really good poem and I liked it alot! :)

fighter4life's picture

I love this poem so much, it is so true, excellnt job on this.