In the Shepherd's arms

With a myriad of voices circling my thoughts

who's to say which one is God's?

each whisper, distinct, one from another

tell me "this is the way

this is the path to which God is leading you"

but with each twist and turn

my head spins with confusion

I am left dumbfounded.

what I thought was God's will

turned out to be the will of a deceiving spirit

possibly my own

yet with all the odds against me

through all the thick deception

and all the times my mind

told my heart, "you're wrong..."

God was still faithful in guiding me

though a blind sheep stumbling

against a pack of ravenous wolves

He led me

He carried me

He never took His eyes off me

and even now, as the wolves still bark

Jesus, the Good Shepherd,

my Shepherd, gently peeps,

"You are mine. And I will never let them have you."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As Christians, we don't have to worry about what the future holds for us, because God holds our futures in His hands. We don't need to know the way...because we know the One who leads us. And He's perfectly capable to keep us from going astray.

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fighter4life's picture

I like it a lot, it holds a lot of meaning.