God knows where He is leading you.

Sometimes we don't understand when certain things happen in our lives. But God is always good and He is always faithful. God's plans for us are not to harm us or send devastation upon our lives. But if we want the blessings we may have to endure the hardship beforehand. The enemy may attack us and the world may try to suffocate us. But our God is the LORD and in Him we are safe, protected and loved. We are blessed despite the circumstances. This world may send its poisons, but the blood of Jesus is our antecdote. Whatever evil God allows to happen to us He means it for good. Joseph, the son of Jacob, was sold into slavery by his very own brothers, but if God had not allowed this, countless people would have starved to death years later. Because God had given Joseph a gift of dream interpretation. And it was his interpretation of Pharoah's dream that lifted him up to the second most powerful man in all of Egypt. So if you are in the compounds of slavery and it feels like there is no escape, as if God has abandoned you, think again. God knows what He's doing, He knows where He is taking you. Praise Him for the valley you are in, because that valley in which God is leading you, is the very valley that will bring you to His holy mountain.

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thankfully im not following your god anymore, or id be in your herd of sheep headed straight over the cliff!