At the Cross

Riding in the car, watching fields of wheat passing by

I sense a nagging emptiness I try to deny

It's eating away at the core of my soul

Is there anything to complete me and fill this hole?

What is worth living for? The thought runs through my head

As the world, cold and desolate offers nothing worthy but leaves me with dread

I keep on driving and searching for hope, for joy, for peace, for love

The thing I long for the thing I crave, below and above

Then as the breeze sifts through my cracked window

I hear a soothing voice that I'm not sure I know

Suddenly I find myself at the cross with the blood of Jesus

Gushing down over me

At the cross I am accepted at the cross I am embraced

At the cross I am satisfied at the cross my sins are erased

At the cross I am filled with joy at the cross I am safe

At the cross I understand true love, at the cross I see God's face

Kneeling at Jesus' feet

I'm finally complete

Hanging up on the tree

Jesus looks down on me

He mouths the words "I did this all for you."

And I can hardly believe it's true

He slowly dies

While the world cries

My hands go up reaching towards the sky

I need to feel his touch once more; I need to know why

You were beaten beyond recognition

And for what; all for my salvation

You were spit in the face

Labeled as a disgrace

You were whipped and flogged

Hated and mocked

You endured every kind of subtle abuse

You were rejected and misused

And humbly you let those who were dying for

Nail you to a cross just to suffer some more

And after it all you still begged your Father in Heaven

To forgive us of our sins… seventy times seven

Remarkable wonder of such a sacrificial love

He entered darkness from the light up above

I've found at the cross, there's no other place to be

At the cross I find satisfaction, at the cross I am free.

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