the devil is a liar

the father of all lies

he masquerades around as an angel of light

but he's filthy and dark

misleading the world

filling them with an unexplained anger

directing it all towards God…

blaming God for things He didn't do

God did not bring sin into the world

Adam and Eve did, by their own free will

that God let them have regardless of all the pain we would suffer because of it

God wanted us to love Him on our own… not be forced

Being forced to love Him would have driven us away…

His love draws us near to Him

Do you want to be forced to love someone you hate?

the devil is a freaking liar

he deceives innocent people

filling them with crazy ideas

telling them they're ugly or worthless and that nobody loves them

the truth is God loves them… God is not the source of their pain

God is not in charge of this world

satan is the prince of this world…

doing all he can as fast as he can to drag as many people down with him as he can

But one of these days Jesus is coming back… and He, the Prince of Peace

will renew this defiled planet from all the garbage satan is implanting

I only wish people would realize that they are caught in a trap

if only they could see that God is real and satan is messing with their minds

satan wants us to get angry at God, because then we don’t receive salvation

ever wonder why so many people are angry at God? it's because satan is

satan hates God, satan wanted to BE God…that is why he was kicked out of Heaven

now in order to get back at God for that, he targets the one thing that would hurt God the most

His children… we are His children… His creation… we are the apple of His eye

for 19 years I gave into those lies…the deceit that satan whispered into my ears

but I have been set free and the only way to be free is to give in to Christ

Give your life to God… repent of your sins… doing evil things…

the devil is a liar…

he wants you to think there is nothing wrong with the things you are doing

he makes them pleasurable so people will continue doing them…

(he wants to hurt you, because hurting you would hurt God)

God gave us the bible for a reason… its not a book of rules and regulations

it’s a book to protect us… laws to protect us…

drugs hurt our bodies, kills our friends

pre-marital sex gives us aids, STDs, impregnates teens which leads to abortion(murder)

anger tears apart friendships, marriages, homes

loneliness, depression leads to suicide

why do you listen then to the lies of the devil??

do you want the truth? THEN SEEK IT!

And you will find it.

satan is full of nothing but lies… and whats the opposite of lies? truth.

what's the opposite of satan? GOD! GOD IS TRUTH!

pray that your eyes are opened to the truth

God is faithful and He will open them

tell God you want no more lies

He will reveal to you His truth

And the more you learn the more all the lies will begin to make sense

take it from me I have BEEN THERE!

the unexplained… you'll be given the answers


Angels have the ability to move back and forth in a swift motion…

thus explains the so-called sightings in the sky… FALLEN ANGELS…

satan wants to distract you… take away your attention from finding God

by making up excuses to explain the unexplained

tarot cards, psychics… LIES OF THE DEVIL!

So what if you got a card reading, and it gave you the answers?

the answers came from the devil and his followers. they know you, they follow you, they torment you


Don't give into the lies anymore…

Don't direct all your anger towards God… satan is the one to blame

satan is going to drag you down if you aren't careful…

I'm writing this poem to warn you, not anger you


Author's Notes/Comments: 

just to get one thing straight, i am not trying to encourage people to blame satan for all their problems in this poem... i was REALLY angry when I wrote it because the devil is real, and is more powerful than people realize. i get so pissed off to see all the people who are being ripped off because of the devils lies. i was ripped off for 19 years. i'm sick of all the suffering that he causes in this world... but we do however, have some blame for it, we have free will from God to do as we please, and sometimes the choices we make reap bad consequences... hurting ourselves and others... satan does play a part in deceiving us and convincing us to justify our sins. satan will be punished, but we also will be held accountable for the choices we make... so STOP LISTENING TO THE LIES. Recieve the blessed life that God has promised you in His Son Jesus. Stop settling for less.

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Lloyd Wagoner's picture

as i said in my one song (i cant remember which one)....'there is no satan, there is only you'...and i dont mean that as an insult or anything. but there is no evil horned figure hiding in a fiery place trying to lead you away from god. you are your own god, therefore you are your own satan. the only spiritual war going on here is within every individual. to blame everything on invisible forces and characters is silly. no offence meant at all. other than that, you write beautifully and very well.

"Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all!"- The Church of Satan (from the Nine Satanic Statements) available at

Makezela's picture

Yeah, the devil is really a liar, the father and mother of all liars.

Try to do some poetic arrangement for your work, consisider rythm, and meters. So the devil wont prove u a liar one day.
But u hav a good concept, and a poetic mind. pls keepp it up,
God bless u

mar's picture

DAMN< Hahahaha. Well, well. I like the poem. It is good and cool. I really want to see things this way. Yep. bad! I don't. This poem called my attention a lot. It is a great content. Hmmm, I disagree with one thing I think. Well, but I agree with most of it. It is a long very long poem. Hahaha. but good one.
Have a nice and beautiful life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~My Best Wishes~

Crystal Hecklinger's picture

OH MY~ this is so deep.. you go girl... satan is a lier and has no room in anyones heart..and i know that from first hand....this was thrilling to read~

Clinton Wilcox's picture

Hey there! I can tell you were slightly angry when you wrote this! (just joking) Anyway, I totally agree with you. In fact, I find my life is a constant struggle against Satan, one that can only be won by putting my complete trust in God. Good poem!

Mom2three's picture

This is very good! I dont even think my pastor could have done as good of a job. Not only have you let people see what a great poet you are, but you have also shown what a great God we have. I'm sure I will enjoy reading the rest of your work. I am also going to send a young man to your poems. In his poems he is looking for someone to save him. I told him about Jesus and what he has done for me and how he has turned his life around for me. But in your work He will truely be able to understand.