be angry at the devil

he drools bigtime

i hate his guts

God hates his guts too

thats why Hes sending him to Hell

...and theres nothing he can do about it...

he tries to pick on me…

but hes a little pansy

and my God is so huge its like putting an ant next to a big oak tree

satan is a puny little fart that barely makes a squeak

but its one of those that stinks really bad

i would say "silent but deadly" but he couldnt even bruise himself!

hes that weak

stupid insolent chest hair

so dont let the devil mess with you…

be angry at the devil

PS. satan is a big HEMORRHOID...Which Websters dictionary defines as being a mass of dilated veins in swollen tissue at the margin of the anus or nearby within the rectum.

(you could almost say that Satan is a pain in the rear)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The devil is stupid

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Lloyd Wagoner's picture

do you ever think that you might have....i dunno...some sort of mental need to be on the side of some huge invisible bodyguard to fight your personal demons for you?

just a thought


Randy Allmon's picture

do you really think god cares?this is not are battle.

justme4him's picture

naoli, this is really true and funny.
the way you cathegorised satan made me laugh, thou true, but be careful he is wise like a serpent and acting like a lion,I say acting as I know he is not able to harm us but to startle us, if we allow this,
good poem I like it.
keep on keeping on.