my family drives me crazy...


This is going to be one wild ride

The doctors forgot to tell me

On the day I was brought into this life

I can't stand these people

They drive me crazy

Always expecting me to do this

Or to do that

Be this way or be that way

Why can't I be myself?

Why can't I do what I want to do?

Who cares about responsibilities?

All I want to do is have fun.

Live in a carefree world

With no worries

And no obligations

Is that too much to ask?

Well, apparently it is...

So I'll have to learn to live with it

I just wish I could die already

So I could be with God...

I don't have any friends except Him

And I want to be with Him.

I want to leave this judgmental,

Criticizing, materialistic world

If you lived the life I did

You'd want to leave too..

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I'm not really sure the title really matches the poem. I see some implied connections, but the poem seems to be a backlash against growing up. I'm sure your family does drive you crazy though. Whose doesn't?!
The irony is that the author fully doesn't expect the reader to be able to sympathize, believing that his/her situation is unique. In reality I think this could have been written by any random teenager/youngster trying to find his way.