excerpt of a short story.... title unknown at the moment

-3- Short Stories

The rain pelted against my body as I wandered down the road in the darkest of the night. I kept my eyes focused on the road as I walked away in pity. My heart exploded with pain as the tears streamed down my forlorn face but the hatred back home was too thick to stick around. So I finally packed up my bags and left. The wind, fierce against my body, ruffled my clothes and slapped my face using the strands of my hair. A car veered to the side barely missing me by a foot, thrusting me onto my hands and knees off the side of the road. I pounded the soft ground in frustration with my fists, and cried out to God over the deafening roar of the storm, "Was this your plan for me; to desert me? Aren't I not You're beloved child? Why do You let this happen to me? I'm so cold and alone..." I gathered my things and trudged underneath a bridge to find a safe warm place to sleep. Overlooking my surroundings to make sure no one was around, I changed into dry clothes as quick as possible. I curled up between the concrete slabs and rubbed my eyes and face as if wiping off the debris of distress that seeped through the pores. I rested my eyes for only a moment when I had the urge to read the bible. Of all the things that I packed in my bag I had forgotten that one thing. I began to weep again as I felt the distance between God and me. Even He has failed me, I thought. I became startled as I heard the sounds of footsteps nearby. I was immersed in darkness and hoped that no one would see me. Frightened, I clutched my cross necklace and prayed silently for protection despite the anger welled up inside I had towards God. Two men stood merely feet away from me muttering a conversation I could not comprehend due to the thunder and rain. I held my breath, my heart thumped in my ears. The tallest, bulkiest man walked off as the other man started my way. Please God, no, don't let him find me…He stopped, and stared towards me as if he were trying to figure out what I was. He lit a cigarette. The light from the flame cast a shadow over my leg, revealing my presence to him. I'm only sixteen, please no… "Hey, kid, what are you doing down here?" the man asked. I didn’t speak. The fear had paralyzed my entire body, even my lips. "Are you deaf or something? I asked you a question." He put the lighter into his back pocket. "Look, kid, I'm not going to hurt you. This is a dangerous place you're choosing to stay…that is what you are doing isn't it?" Silence - my lips trembled with the mixture of fear and cold, but no sound emerged from my mouth. He sat down next to my bag that was in front of my feet. He glared inquisitively into my eyes as he casually blew smoke from his nostrils. "So…what's your story? Run away from mom and pop 'cause they grounded you?" He chuckled to himself while taking another puff from the cigarette. "No." I finally said, my voice shaking. I zipped my jacket up to my cheeks, and tried warming my face with my breath. "She speaks! What's your name, kid?" I peered into his eyes, searching for any sign that I could trust him. And as if reading my mind he replied, "You can trust me." He held out his grimy hand as if to shake mine and said, "Mine's Derick." Hesitantly, I shook his hand with the end of my coat sleeve. "I'm 39 years old and I've been a bum for 10. Wife went psycho on me and I had to leave. Unfortunately I had no money, and no place to go, and ended up homeless. Now what's your excuse, Miss…?"

"Sharine." I answered.

"Miss Sharine. Beautiful name."

"Thanks…" I shifted my legs closer to my body to get warmer. My feet had grown numb from the cold and rain. "I had to leave too," was all I said. I wasn't quite ready to pour my life story out to a complete stranger. "Well you're awfully young to be out on the streets. Maybe I can help you out, you shouldn't be out here all alone."

"I'm not alone…" my voice trailed off… I wanted to say that God was with me, but at the moment I doubted His own existence.

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