A love so vast

A love so vast

I cannot express

The joy that penetrates my soul

My God holds me

And comforts my fears

When I'm caught by the

Hands of a troll

My Lord is greater

Than all the rest

He is real

He is the best

He's always with me

Delighted He is

When I step up to His throne

I don’t have to fear

For He is near

Never am I alone

A simple touch…

My spirit is at peace

He clings to my very skin

My Lord, My God

I love Him so

My endearing compassionate friend

Soon He'll come

And carry me home

To rest for all eternity

His love - so vast

He rejoices with singing

Constantly over me

How can I explain

The hope I've found

In Jesus' precious name...

Other than I'm Heaven-bound

I'll never be the same

A love so vast

It continues to flow

My tongue still craving more

I know that I'll be satisfied

When my God fills me to the core

One day I'll see

His love for me

How deep it really is

He'll cradle me

In His arms

And assure me I am His

My God is faithful

And He is true

He'll never let me go

When my body dies

All the wonders He has

Upon me He will bestow

So surreal

God's love for us

It's always going to last

If you would give

Your heart to Him...

He'd share His love so vast

©2002 All Rights Reserved.

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justme4him's picture

hey, this poem is so talking to me,I really needed a reminder of his Love for me,
Bless you, Naomi, God be with you,