The Real Me

For those who don't know me,

And for those who do

This is the real me…

I'm just another girl

Floating by in life

I'm shy

I'm hyper

I'm emotional

I'm caring

I can be as sharp as a knife

(Other times I can act pretty stupid)

I'm aloof

I'm outgoing

I'm easily annoyed

I'm easily amused

I love debating

I love being comical

I'm spontaneous

I'm stubborn

I'm a slacker

I'm energetic

I'm a loner

And yet I can be social

And believe it or not

I'm a Christian

I used to be empty

Filled with a never-ending void

But I gave my life to God

And He filled my soul

With an indescribable joy

I used to be into drugs

I used to be agnostic

I used to be Wiccan

I used to be an atheist

I used to be a lot of different things

Before I found God

I have depression

But now choose not to suffer from it

I am finally ecstatic about life

And the blessings I've received

I know that God had a plan for me

Before the night I was conceived

I've been ridiculed

And I've lost some close friends

And I've been threatened

And I've been scoffed at

All because of my newfound belief in God

And despite what you've heard about Christians

I am open-minded

I won't judge you or hate you

I never have, and I won't now

I understand the youth of today

I am a part of it

I know the problems you face

But God is the only one

Who can take it all away

Not me, not your family

Not your friends

Not sex, not drugs

Not your therapist

Only God

I found it hard to believe

But it happened to me

If it can happen to me

The worst pessimistic person in the world

Then it can happen to anyone

This is who I am

I won't hide behind the shadows anymore

About who I am in fear that I won't be accepted

I was never accepted in the first place

God accepts me

And I care only what He thinks of me

Because you either like me or you don't

This is the real me…

©2002 All Rights Reserved

Author's Notes/Comments: 

umm.. i hope this wasnt too harsh...

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justme4him's picture

wooooow Naomi, i really like this poem, it is so full of power, you presented you very self and this without any try to hide. I love it.
in some aspects we tend to be alike.:))
Remain blessed,