life goes on (unfortunately)

scattered and torn about

like feathers lunged into the air

I apathetically watch them float to the ground

in the distance children are heard

yapping and giggling

unaware of the evils lurking around them

I look around the neighborhood

to the left…

then to the right…

and see nothing but life

an entity that has left my soul

the sun warms the earth

but leaves me cold

flowers aromatize the air

but make me sneeze with allergies

the breeze brings oxygen to our noses

but I feel as though I'm suffocating

as days go by and it's all the same

this burden of emptiness still remains

and just as I sit down on the grass that cuts my skin

a woman comes up to me to say,

"Would you please hold my dog as I tie my shoe?"

not even human contact can uplift my spirit

she thanks me and goes on with her life…

never to see again…

and I sit back down…

and watch life go on without me

©2001 All rights reserved.

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Randy Allmon's picture

i have a poem like that its called grey skys.