Stab me with your knife

Stab me with your knife

Take away my life

Use me

Abuse me

Exhaust me while I strife

Eat away my eyes

Destroy me with your lies

Hate me

Date rape me

Trying to survive is exercise

Choke me with your breath

Laugh at my forsaken death

Attack me

Distract me

Drive me into Crystal Meth

Ditch me beside the road

Squash me like a toad

Beat me

Mistreat me

Watch my body wither and erode

Keep my cries locked in a box

Hide the keys to my inner locks

Cry for me

Die for me

Bury me alive with ragged rocks

Chain me down in an empty jail

Ignore my pleading wail

Leave me

Deceive me

Say goodbye, this is my farewell

©2001 All rights reserved.

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Clinton W's picture

You've had a rather painful road to travel it seems. Thank you for sharing your pain and I truly hope in doing so you have been able to move past it that much further. You are a very talented young woman. As an aside... continue growing from your past, continue using it to shape a better future for yourself. I've learned a hard lesson, your past can either break you or make you stronger than you ever would have been otherwise. I wish you luck in healing, growing and hope you will continue sharing as well. God bless.

techpoet's picture

This one has an interesting rhyme scheme that kept me reading until the very end. Did you truly feel this way towards someone you trusted in real life or in an imaginary situation? Loved your usage of words to portray a type of love lost.