Another day

It's one in the morning

I'm lying here awake

Wondering why I'm still breathing

The moon is shining brightly in my eyes

Peaking through the cracks between the curtains

Hanging loosely like my life

A single tear rolls down my cheek

I feel so weak I can't move

Frozen in place just like my depression

Cold breath exhales from my mouth

As if my soul were leaving my body

Lifeless and consumed on the pillow-topped mattress

A soul lives on forever

Even if it's dead

I dread my afterlife

I grew up detached from the world

Yet I yearn for companionship

To feel the love of others within myself

My numbness is overwhelming

It forces me to gasp for air

But the air is cold and dry like my optimism

I'm stranded on this pitiful road of life

Either way I go I'll remain the same

Unhappy and alone

The clock sounds two

An hour of my unworthy being, existed

Without a drop of bliss

My eyes are dried from staring at the world passing me by

Rain begins to pour outside my window

Flashes of lightening portray the exasperating sections of my life

Covering myself with the blanket

I hide away the worries and anguish

The only thing I'm good at

The eyes are the portals to the soul

They tell you the truth

If you don't look deep enough you'll never see

My eyes are closed tightly

Therefore people don't notice my agony

No one understands my tears

I wander if I'll ever find the euphoria

I heard so much about

My eyelids are growing heavy with guilt

Choking over my own tears

I whisper quietly to the world

Where I'm going is only a dream

A mere divide in our dimensions

I'll see you, but you won't see me

You'll only feel my breeze

So another day has past

I cry unwillingly over my own mess

And gradually suck it in, as I go to rest.

©2001 All rights reserved.

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Melissa Rives's picture

Wow! This is so powerful...the imagery is excellent...the feelings just pour out....I hope you don't feel this way now though. Peace and love, Melissa

poetatheart's picture

I like your poem. If you really feel that way, I'm sorry but at the same time I can empathize with you. I've been there. Great style.