Wretched pest

the world is slipping out of my control

I’ve dug myself into this hole

I guess I’ll never see,

what was meant to be

inside of me

the dust as dry as

leaves of tea

the life is slowly dripping

from my soul

my emotions whirling out of control

I have no one to love

except this white dove

that a car hit driving by

struggling like I

to fight the pain

it’s lying in the road

while I corrode at the very sight

and scream with all my might

up to the sky,

“Oh Lord, why?”

the strength is seeping out my pores

and I can’t help but feel

that all the doors are closed on me

and I have no where to go

but stranded out in the rain,

in the street with the dying dove

I’ll just kill it

so it doesn’t have to feel it


the road is flooded with the rain

my heart is flooded with this pain

I lie my body on the asphalt

thinking to myself that

everything’s my fault

I hold the dead bird up to my chest

and wait for fate

to do the rest

free me from this wretched pest

that’s eating inside at me

©2001 All rights reserved.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in my darkest of days... the line "I have no one to love/except this white dove/that a car hit driving by" illustrates how the only things I care about are beaten down...
The dove represents peace and happiness... in this poem it's a symbol of hope, yet it's suffering... killing it is my way of suppressing my pain and letting myself become numb.
This is one my favorite pieces. I hope you like it as well...

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41tulips's picture

This poem is so dark and yet so emotional and deep. The symbolism is so awesome!!! I absolutely loved this.

Melissa Marina Flores

deethepoet's picture

Hey I can understand where you're coming from on this poem. I know how it feels, so yeah just wanted to say that!