Melting Away

The moon, the stars are all above me

Spirits of the deceased surround me

Chilling my bones with their winds and their minds

Dangerously polluted…

the fog burns my throat

Choke cough gasp wheeze

Ringing sounds of mutiny vibrate the drums

Deep, deep within my cochlea

And waft out the wrecking parts of my memory

That was once my life but not anymore

Servants with fairy wings bring me my cloak

Dress me up to DIE

What's going on in my little evasive head?

Clueless to my escape and race for freedom


Do it

Don't do it

Stop it

Never quit

My mind is going round in circles

Whilst the world is going round in WAR

Stop the madness

Cries another

And soon after he is killed

Keep your mouths shut

Stop me, well you can't

The Lord's gone mad!

Look closely at the tiny pixels

Which make up my iris

And you will discover my eyes aren't really hazel

But they are BLACK as can be


Buzzing, teetering, jarring

What is this aroma that tempts my nose

sweet sweet revenge…

the melting of the army men

who had no other choice but to melt away

like the human race



year and

We will all be misplaced


the depths of our own stupor

life is not a game to play

and yet everyone thinks they're winning…

we are all losing…

we…are the army men underneath the blazing sun…



melting away into obliteration…

©2001 All rights reserved.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

don't ask

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justme4him's picture

this poem is really blazing, it impressed me. The imagery you used, proves your brilliant talent,
you should publish up a book with all you work,
good work, Naomi
remain blessed.