Please Send me an Angel

Dear Father,

Please send me an Angel

To watch over me

As this day goes by

And for all eternity

Give me endurance

To withstand any sins

Compassion to love others

Even those who aren't friends

Correct me when I'm wrong

So that I can do right

And give me the dignity

To walk away from any fight

Please send me an Angel

To guide me on through

The straight narrow path

That leads me to You

Protect me from evil

That lurks on the side

And let me know no fear

With the angel I’m beside

Teach me the truth

Of good morals and virtue

I don’t want to do a thing

That you wouldn’t do

Fill my soul

With your Holy Spirit

And a sense of security

That I will not fear it

Please send me an Angel

To watch over the Earth

And courage to spread

The joy of rebirth!

In Jesus name I pray,


©2001 All rights reserved.

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Randy Allmon's picture

im not into god but.....that ws one hell of a poem! i really enjoyed that,your words jus came togeather in...harmony? well write more like that!