~13~ Love and Loss

I miss you, and I want to be with you all the time,

       Forever until we get tired of each other

And bite each other's heads off because we're getting on each other's nerves

...But then come running back the second we turn our backs

Because we just can't bare to look away.

©1999 All rights reserved.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about a guy that I was OBSESSED with. We broke up like 7 times. He's a psycho though. I've learned my lesson...
Although I'm not sure 'obsession' is a good title for this poem. Any suggestions or is it good the way it is?

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Lindsey Rose's picture

i reay loved that poem you have wrote! reminds me of my feelings and relationship i had with my first now i learn that he is invloved with a really nice girl and clean and sober the one thing i wanted most while we were together still i love him he wil always have a place in my heart as i know i will have a place in his.. we have abond not to be broke but he is growing and iam glad to hear that he is happy and doing great! im so proud of him.. he has moved on but i know we will always soft spots for eachother:)
i really did enjoy you writing,
Always Rose