another year past

your memory still


in my head

in my heart

at the bottom of

an empty glass

I've tried drinking

you away

but I've learned

you can't forget that way

and forgetting you

is the last thing

I want

damn its the hard knocks life

lucky you

set free

an angel with broken wings

I too wait to be

cut loose

instead I wear

this noose

as though it were my tie

I would wear to a party or

a funeral

its gloomy outside

last night I cried

I didn't even know what for

but I know that I was sad

I've had days like this before

its you I miss

you left me all alone

but I guess I did the same to you

what did you expect me to do?

caught in addiction

I couldn't comprehend

only until years later

when I was tied

by my own hands

a slave to a needle

a slave to a line

now I'm a slave to a bottle

far from being fine

now I'm on borrowed time

or at least

that's what they say

its irrelevant to me

I just don't care

because in the end

in another life

I'll see your face there

waiting for me

with your arms wide open

inviting me in

Happy New Year Steven

my lover

my life

my friend

my once in a life time

Author's Notes/Comments: 

time never heals the loss of a love

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Lavish Sterling's picture

this is beautiful. your writing has grown a lot and i have enjoyed reading it. happy new year old friend.