Love at 4:30a.m.

4:30a.m, every set of headlights by my window force my heart to leap for a glimpse of serenity,
Just a moment with you can provide a smile for eternity.
Your smile is so far away,
Even though every night beside me you lay.
Each night I lay beside a memory not yet made,
For overtime a wish will never fade.
I look at you but you look astray,
These feelings you flawlessly keep at bay.
Tomorrow will be the same,
A roll of the dice for the game reamins the same.
Excavate my heart and you may find more than you can handle,
Once the truth is known Im exposed likes toes in a sandle.
I know this wasnt your goal,
To crystalize a heart of coal.
Yet in your eyes light my heart sparkles and shines,
Everytime you look away its left in the dark, to me it whines.
Ive seen a thousand sunsets arrive and leave,
Yet all they leave behind are the tears from yesterday on todays sleeve.
The time spent together has been nothing but true,
No matter how much I want these moments to settle down they are only a clue.
Its all a lesson so I better pay attention,
Before I share a failures frustration.
If I cant handle the trials of your heart,
How will I ever be steady, when things finally start?
Having love is never enough,
It has to grow and learn to be tough.
So throw your best and throw your worst because Im still here,
I may trip and stumble but Im still standing amongst the filth clean and clear.

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Nice penning

nice penning man. this poem flows Beautifully. a great piece.
Keep penning

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Thanks. I appreciate that

Thanks. I appreciate that

The only problem with the story carved on your chest, is its hard to read when your missing your ribs..