Numbing Myself To You

As a man I have come to understand,
These feelings will consume me down to my last strand.
It appears I am left with only one solution,
I must rid myself of this sentimental polution.
So leave me to bleed like a smudged polaroid,
Walk away confused and paranoid.
On ice Ill put this carotid artery,
Untill true love jumps it like an old battery.
Yet the problem still remains,
A heart under lock and heavy chains.
Ill administer my own anesthesia,
Bringing a self inflicted amnesia.
Forgetting you is a fate unobtainable,
Yet numbing the pain, this is trainable.
So tonight Ill close my eyes,
Dreaming of soft lips and harsh goodbyes.

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iaminacocoon's picture

I definitely feel the despair

I definitely feel the despair in your words. I like your rhyming scheme.

nkorinko's picture

Thank you

Thank you

The only problem with the story carved on your chest, is its hard to read when your missing your ribs..