Sleepless Night

Another sleepless night,
The moon my only friend.
Though it never has time for me,
As the stars seem to keep it occupied.
So alone I sit in their presence,
Waiting for the sun to join the group.
Though we never make it past hello,
For when he comes, I'm already leaving.
The days we spend far apart,
I arrive as he heads home.
Leaving me alone again,
to be ignored by the stars and moon.
Conversing with sleepless thoughts,
Having the answers without the questions.
Hellos and good byes are all in the same,
Time a luxury we never seem to have.
So here I lay under the dark sky,
Until mornings light tucks me in. 

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robbie's picture

I really admire this poem. It

I really admire this poem. It felt like time stopped existing. Everything runs together. It is one constant cycle that doesn't stop or make time for everyone. The day bleeding into night and back to day. I got lost in it all. Almost hypnotic.