My Fear

Let me give you my hand,

Hold it or I'll run away.

Show me how to love,

Because all I can do is hate.

Show me this can forever be,

Before I sabatoge our destiny.

Destroy whats beautiful,

Its all I have ever done.

Afarid of what could be,

Blind to what already is.

Running away from everything,

Though I beg you to not let me escape.

Be my light in the times of dark,

Remind me your love for me is always true.

Take away all my doubt,

Replace it with comofort.

We can make this all work,

Just help me through it.

My insecurites drive me insane,

I need you to keep my sane.

Im scared your going to hurt me,

Show me I have nothing to fear.

Though what I fear most,

Is admitting I love you.

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