(Un)Social Network

This is all pretend,

Youre not my friend.

We never converse,

Its as if your in another universe.

All you had to do was click ignore,

And you wouldnt have to hear from me anymore.

Its clear you were just being polite,

Afarid to be honest, am I right?

So continue to click confirm,

Spineless as a worm.

Your not alone, that is certain

So many others hide behind the same curtain.

Some just like to collect,

Not careing who they select.

Most wouldnt care,

Some would find it unfair

Everyone who uses can relate,

Deletion is a undesirable fate.

So lets all stop being fake,

Nothing of real importance is at stake.

If you dont intend to say hi from time to time,

Dont fucking add me, I wont think it a crime.

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I like it.

This makes me want to friend request you but only if you'd promise to refuse me. Sob.(fake hurt feelings)

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Thats funny, gave me a

Thats funny, gave me a chuckle.  I wrote that poem after going through my facebook one day and realizing how few of the people I actually talk to on a regular. Half of them I never hear from even if I do try and keep in touch.

The only problem with the story carved on your chest, is its hard to read when your missing your ribs..

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Distance, time the whims of

Distance, time the whims of chance so go the lives of the online friends. You have some real good stuff and though we only meet in these glowing moments at least we met at all.