Imperfect But Strong

Mistakes in life I have made,
Though not one moment would I trade.
Imperfect decisions dictating the consequences,
Often times never giving us second chances.
A mistake only creates opportunity,
For our strength to be consumed by insanity.
So often do we allow mistakes to conquer,
Weighing us down like a anchor.
If only we could not be so blind,
Perhaps a solution we could find.
To give up after one ill decision,
Is to give up on ones life mission.
A promise to myself I stay true,
Each time I fail I will start anew.
Surrender should never be considered,
I will fight even after my hands have blistered.
I will survive this I am sure,
Through my will my faults I will cure.
Never will I be held down,
I wont go without making a sound.
I am strong, even when I stumble,
Never will I stop, until six feet below I begin to crumble.

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