Forever Raped

It was many years ago,
She was young, He was sick.
She remembers her blood in the snow,
Even remembers the size of his dick.

Her cries still linger in the wind,
His voice, still haunts her dreams.
Her fragile heart will slowly mend,
Though her soul remains split at the seams.

Older she has grown never knowing his name,
Though others she has found to take his place.
Pleasure it brings her, though its never felt the same,
Every time a different guy but still his face.

Pleasure she finds in a painful memory,
Her mind as twisted as the act he did commit.
He has gone but never will she truly be free,
Now to every man she feels she must submit.

He will forever remain a mystery,
Something she will never comprehend.
It will be a part of her past, her history,
Though it shall follow her till the end.

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teresa_r's picture

This poem made me cry I can relate I went
through the same thing when I was young your
it never leaves you,