Will You?

When the shadows consume the light,
will you still be there?
When I loose all hope and cry into the night,
will you still comfort me?
When nightmares obliterate fantasies,
will you be my fairy tale?
When confusion swallows my identity,
will you help find me?
When I have forgotten what means most,
will you help me remember?
When hate leaves its ugly contusions,
will you mend me with love?
When my soul has fallen into the abyss,
will you rescue me?
When the disease of depression plagues my heart,
will you be the remedy?
When I tell you of my sins,
will you understand and forgive?
When I hurt you despite all of this,
will you care for me?
When my imperfections become apparent,
will you correct them?
When eternity beckons for new life,
will join me on the journey?
When I ask you to be mine forever,
will you have me?

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