Sailing Away

-Pain continues to build these ship walls,
around my heart drowning out your calls-

-To many lies have left their mark,
so this journey alone I do embark.-

-Leaving you alone on the shores of the past,
new life repairing a misused heart at last.-

-Risking it all on the open waters of life,
leaving behind depression and strife.-

-Waves of hope ensure my victory,
as you sink deeper into your own misery.-

-Setting the sails I have no fear,
the wind at my back as happiness draws near.-

- A fathom deep lays what we once shared,
painful memories knowing you never cared.-

-Sailing into a harbor with a new life outlook,
pages turning to a new chapter of a lifes unwritten book.-

-Docking to explore this life alone,
searching for new love to break my heart of stone.-

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