Sympathy Forgotten

Here I sit listening without hearing,
Screaming out, your eyes never lie.
A life on autopilot, your no longer steering,
Lost all control, lost the will to try.

Looking for sympathy its getting old,
So wipe away your pleading tears.
I'm only telling you what you need to be told,
Giving you the strength to face your fears.

All you've done is bitch and moan,
I've finally reached my limit, no more can I take.
The harsh truth to you Ill loan,
All your petty excuses are weak and fake.

No more can I be polite,
It hasn't helped you in any way.
I get sick when you enter my sight,
From you I wish I could stray.

Your problems are yours and yours alone,
Plagued with our own we don't need yours.
My temper has finally blown,
You'll be left alone once I'm out them doors.

Forcing us to leave you behind,
It wasn't easy,though another way I could not find.
Life offers do overs, no rewind,
No matter how many times we find ourselves in a bind.

Only you can make things right,
As long as you try my help I will give.
If you try succeed you might,
Then perhaps happy you could live.

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