-Shivering, and cold I lay with a single tear,
the sound of your dark presence I do hear._

-I try to cast a shadow of false sleep,
but your lustful urges you still keep.-

-Lieing hands that graze a timid shell,
a cold heart from the winters of hell.-

-I lay still hoping you'll go away,
yet despite my attempts you persist to stay.-

-Your petty needs, I know that in which you crave,
forcing me with visions of an early grave.-

-Across my skin, your poisonous lips feel of knives,
you whisper my curse, your love for the rest of our lives.-

-I force myself to allow a endangering kiss,
wishing I could escape all of this.-

-You know you've won your prize,
your weapon, threats of my demise.-

-Slipping into your sick pleasure my pain resumes,
fear now leaving as hatred consumes.-

-Visions of your murder, bring me to smile,
yet deep within I endure this prison..if only for awhile.-

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