It Takes Time

-You try to be there during my sorrow,
yet I push you away, will you return tomorrow?-

-Of course you will,
yet pushing you away is my thrill-

-I refuse to let you see whats inside the locket,
feeding you lies from the depths of my pocket.-

-My heart will remain shut tight,
opening only when I wish to see your face in the shadows of night.-

-Your kind soul heals the past contusions,
yet I wonder if your feelings are only illusions.-

-My arms ache to reach out and take you,
my heart filling with joy all the way through.-

-Yet I hold back and you cant understand why,
understand my feeling for you are no lie.-

-Wounds need to heal, and pain needs to ease,
just have patience and understand, please.-

-My heart has tried to shut you out,
but inside this only makes it scream and shout.-

-It wants to let you in for you hold the key,
now answer my hearts question, do you love me?-

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