Give me a chance

It's a compromise to say that we're friends

Because your eyes and your smile make me know I'll pretend

It's a compromise to say that we're friends

Spending time with your mind is what I want in the end
And it's just the truth, I want to be with you
To talk about what's personal, what you've been through
To talk about your day, how did it play?
Then to talk about mine to see how we relate
Lay back listen to music or watch a play
Cold night hot chocolate, ice cream on hot days
Perfumes, my fumes, your fumes do
Make me remember the times we sat two
people, holding hands talking made you embarrassed
What if we doing that somewhere out in Paris
London, New York, Rio - Brazil
White sand beaches, Seychelles would be a thrill
You said "changing a guy your dating is soo hard"
But you're changing me already and you're not on the job
It's impossible to say I've gone so soft
You're an impossible girl I want the whole lot
It's impossible the nose right, the cheeks right
Your mind makes my mind want to climb up to your height
On the little things, later on the bigs
It's impossible because I think of kids - being raised well.
Being friends is like 15% tops
I'm trying to say I want to buy out the whole shop
The building, the street front, the spaces for parking
So when we meet, I know that I AM PARKING
It's your style and your guile and your charm
I'm feeling it yet I barely held you in my arms
And your palms are as soft as the sea 
I want you to see how we could be
Give me a chance!
Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a song I wrote for a girl who I wanted but have never had. We kissed once but that was it. She had a man who she was not prepared to leave.


Actually I sent her a version of the same and she loved it. But I guess that's how the game goes.


All my best poetry is about: love, breakups, sex, debt, and death. Sad, huh?

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i really like this . Its

i really like this . Its amazing 

Just Smile :D

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Re: Your comment

death, saddness, lost love etc - all valid subjects for poetry. Read the other writers and locate other themes. Pick a thing, any thing, then write it down - with all the wisdome you can muster. That is what I do. Your choices are not sad at all - they are about life. ~A~