From here to eternity is just a title, which will be forgotten like speech problem. Walking on a hill that was once an island, I was touching the tree leaves, recognizing the healing herbs, listening to sounds dripping down a birch.

There will be sea here again, than drought, finally hills and dust. Some pets were edible, some weren't - and that has been the only difference for a long time. Later we learnt to be disgusted by the difference and then we started keeping steaks in a cage.

Not one of these things is important and perhaps it is good that way. The canary flew off with a flock of sparrows to the rainforest and never appeard again. Sparrows dopped by sometimes. They got tired of it later. Then they flew away, flew away.

From flour once bread was made and we ate it. It is happy fable about wheat and secret police services.

The awareness that an echo lasts longer than the person groaning, only tricks us. But it tricks.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is from my new book of poems "Sacrificial Book" 2003.

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nice i like it .