Through a hole in ground

he fell

into a faded room.

Many people are there.

All talking.

Some’re gesturing their hands awkwardly,

distorting their faces -

to help the words.

Not a word could he understand.

They all became a hum,

that made his body shiver.

God, is there anything else?

Keep on looking.

Keep on looking.

In accord they all repeated.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is from my third book of poems.

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Micheal Kitchen's picture

i aplogise (forgive me if my spelling is incorrect), but my computer cut me off. Perpetual Darkness has opened a door in my mind which i have yet to enter... and for this i thank you. do believe in existentialism? if philosophy interests you, you should go to, you would probably like the works of Fydor Dostoyovsky.

Micheal Kitchen's picture

hello nikola, this peom reminds me of my schitzophrenia. you may, and may not understand how my mind works but this poem has opened a door wich i have yet to enter...

Kathy Nguyen's picture

I agree with the others who have critiqued this poem already. Very thought-provoking and deep. :) And sometimes I feel this way too. :) It's a really nice way to weave this kind of feeling in words because sometimes we can't write or describe how we feel. :)


pudnsis1's picture

An extremely deep message passed on to us here. Very intriquing and thought provoking. Love, peace and freedom, Linda

Wendy D'Michelle's picture

"God, is there anything else?

Keep on looking.
Keep on looking."

Yes...I think about this all the time. Your poetry is very thought provoking. I like it

Megan Leigh Ellyson's picture

deep, another word escapes me. Wonderful piece...