Close Your Eyes

closet boxes 2002

When I let go to search for something

to find some meaning to this life

lost it all to find nothing

but this un-belated strife.

Gave up the things that meant the most

for a vision of better days

now I have nothing to lose

no matter what you say.

It's far too late

i'm too far gone

so close your eyes

it won't be long.

I never broke

a single heart

and it's too bad

I have to start.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

hmmm so logical, true , heart catchy poems is this... wow love it very much ... thanks dear friend for your greta words on my poems too... you seem to me the best friend I ever got being true poetess... hope we keep in touch and do comments to share knowledge... hey , your poems are really soooo impressive...

J. Dwyer's picture

This would sound wonderful as a song, especially that last stanza. It's really catchy for some reason.

Rebecca Simmons's picture

Hey! I love this poem. It is so well written, and expresses all your thoughts and feelings extremely well. I understand completly how you fell.

running_with_rabbits's picture

i love it

its so me :(


Much Love


Netta Jack's picture

Very nice piece. Thank you for sharing.