Hope You're Happy

closet boxes 2008

The empty thoughts of years of love

all more then thoughts of loss

to see you standing next to me

to know the steepened cost.

To know that nothing can be said

for you don't care no more

to know that you may never have

it rocks me to the core.

Remembering long moments past

like ghosts of empty days

trying to make it better

but lacking all the words to say.

And glad that you have moved along

and found your hearts content

despite the pain within my heart

your happiness I meant.

I miss you so much I could cry

and do at random times

but I hope your happy where you are

and I hope that i'll be fine.

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running_with_rabbits's picture

"for you don't care no more"
ahhh I can't read, holy bad grahmar yankee batman!
ya'll do that agin now you hear

lol k

now that that is out of my system

I am so lost
it was good, not the ebts but not bad
but I am so lost miss I am inlove with dale, this sure doesn't sound like you are

Much Love