Black Cat's Meow




From graves they rise up in their flight,

They terrorize, injecting fright,

Upon our deepest doubts they feed,

No spell can break their desperate need, Their faint trajectory leaving horror, Beneath it all our minds will wander,

To ghastly realms that rule the night,

Into our psyche, they remove our sight, Until we scratch and claw our way, Confusion dominates disarray, Shuddering, as we hear the howl,

Our minds they twist, 

We scream and scowl,

Frantic, mesmerized and weak,

We struggle to survive,

Projected fears from deep inside, Consume our soul just to stay alive!! 


Author's Notes/Comments:'s not just about sweets. 

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The black cats meow:



A good ghoulish poem, should be popular with Halloween nearing.  Great descriptive quality and choice of words. I loved your poem although it made me shudder.