"Anyone who knows anything about TRUE love, knows that it is grown...before it is flown."

How far have you come flying...

since the last time you were flown?

How far have you come flying...

through all whereabouts unknown?

Among the ones in fading...

murky skies of bleached out gray.

Just borrowed time they're wasting...

Just falling stars they're chasing...

It's a lost and stagnant play.

It's a full-blown scripted heartache.

Why ya play that part tonight?

There's a void now from the out-take.

Fearful wings afar from flight.

(Fearful eyes...so far from light.)


Well, if you could change the world...I still wonder if you would.

Still hold the sky in waiting...so much longer than you should.

See it right above you...can't you see it breaking through?

New skies await your journey...it's the last place where you flew.

We have been abused.

We all have been abused.

We have been refused.

We all have been refused.

We have been confused.

We all have been confused.

We have been disproved.

We all have been disproved.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is one of my songs.

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Lesa Gay's picture

A beautiful song it is too!